What are the factors ?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Multiple answersStep-by-step explanation:For the 1st question: you're going to want to use the swing method. Here's how you do it. 1) you want to get the m^2 alone so you multiply 7 by 8 to get m^2 alone. You should get m^2+18m+56. Then factor that by finding two numbers that will add up to 18 and also when you multiply them you get 56. Those two numbers are 9 and 7. So you set it up like (m+9)(m+7). But you're not done there. You have to divide 9 and 7 by 7 because you multiplied by 7 in the very beginning. (m+9/7)(m+7/7) which you will get (7m+9)(m+1)!2) You do the same thing in the first question. You multiply the 7 by 6 to get the x^2 alone. You should get x^2+43x+42. Find the two numbers that will add up to 43 but also if you multiply those two numbers you get 42. You should then get 42 and 1 as your factors. Then set it up like this: (x+42)(x+1) but remember you have to divide by 7. (x+42/7)(x+1/7) which should lead you to get (x+6)(7x+1). If you're wondering how I got 7x+1, it's because I just moved the 7 from the denominator and put it in front of x. 3) You once again multiply 7 by 60 to get n^2 alone. 7 times 60 = 420. Find those two factors which should add up and multiply to get 52. Those two factors should be -42 and -10. Set it up like this: (x-42)(x-10) and then you have divide by 7. (x-42/7)(x-10/7) which equals to (x-6)(7x+1). 4) This once is simpler since the a^2 is already alone. To solve this, you just need to find the two factors that will add up to -11 but also if you multiply them you'll get 30. The factors should be -5 and -6. Β (x-6)(x-5) and that's your answer!5) Just like all of the previous questions, you need to multiply 3 by 30 to get the x^2 alone. 3 times 30 = 90! So now you need to find two factors that add up to 23 but also multiplying those two numbers will get you 90. Those two factors should be: 5 and 18. (x+5)(x+18) and divide those numbers by 3. (x+5/3)(x+18/3) which equals to (3x+5)(x+6) and that's your answer.6) For the last question, you need to multiply 5 by -32 to get the a^2 alone. 5 times -32 = -160. The two factors will be (n-4)(n+40) and divide them by 5 the original number you multiplied with in the beginning. (n-4/5)(n+40/5) which equals to (5n-4)(n+8) and that's your answer!