Use the diagram of g | | h, with transversal f, to answer the questions.A pair of corresponding angles isa. angle 1 and angle 3b. angle 4 and 2c.angle 4 and angle 8Angle 2 is blank angle 8.a. greater than b. less thanc. congruent toA pair of same-side interior angles is......a. angle 2 and angle 5b. angle 4 and angle 7 c. angle 5 and angle 7

Accepted Solution

Answer: 1) Angle 4 and angle 8. 2) c. Congruent to. 3) a. Angle 2 and angle 5.
Step-by-step explanation: 1) When a transversal cuts the shown parallel lines, the angles that are in the same relative position are call correponding angles. 2) Angle 2 and 8 are Alternal internal angles, therefore they are congruent. 3)  Angle 2 and angle 5 are on one side of the transversal, therefore, they are same-side interior angles.