a local citizen wants to fence a rectangular community garden the length of the garden should be at least 110 ft, and the distance around should be no more than 380 ft. which system of inequalities and graph represent the possible dimesions of the grade

Accepted Solution

|                          |
|                          | y

The rectangular fence will have length x and width y, and we know that the distance around, the perimeter (2x+2y), should not exceed 380 ft. We also know that the length should be at least 110 ft, so x=110. 
Now we can set up our inequality:
[tex]2(110)+2y \leq 380[/tex]
[tex]220+2y \leq 380[/tex]
[tex]2y \leq 160[/tex]
[tex]y \leq 80[/tex]